[PRESS RELEASE 02/06/15]

Community Partners letter on the $5.4M Firehouse proposal – Call for More Disclosure and Dialogue

Community Partners releases the following letter about the proposed Firehouse for Greenville. For the community impact concerns listed in the letter, CP cannot endorse the proposed design and calls on the Fire District commissioners for further disclosure and dialogue before considering a vote on this project.
[This letter is removed as further disclosure and dialogue are underway.]

[PRESS RELEASE 10/05/14]

Greenville Day 2014 thanks

Community Partners thanks all who came out in support of this year's Greenville Day. We also wish to express our thanks to the Greenville Volunteer Fire Company for celebrating their 75th anniversary with us in Vanderbilt Park. Our joint efforts made this a very special event for our community.


Second Annual Chili Contest

Community Partners will hold its second annual Chili contest on Greenville Day, September 29th, 2012 in the North Barn located at Vanderbilt Park in Greenville. Individuals and businesses in the Greenville area are welcome to enter a chili in the contest. Contest winners will receive awards.