Current projects

Greenville Day 2015: A celebration of the 21th anniversary of the George V. Vanderbilt Park on October 3th, 2015

Funding support of a comprehensive Parks renovation grant

Funding restoration of the Cultural Arts Center and historic South Barn

Funding of a streetscape initiative through the Freehold and Greenville Beautification Committees

Current Officers (2015-16)

   Brian Mulligan (President)

    Bill Von Atzingen (V.P.)

   Barbara Walter & Stephanie Ingalls (Co-Treasurers)

   Wells Packard & Robin Troeger (Co-Secretaries)


About Community Partners

Community Partners of Greenville is a non-profit organization formed in 1992, then known under the name Greenville Citizen's Park Committee, committed to the protection and development of natural and historical resources in the town of Greenville. Made of up citizens, it serves the communities of Freehold, Gayhead, Grapeville, Greenville, Greenville Center, Norton Hill, South Westerlo and Surprise. Many of Community Partners members sit on the boards of other organizations and serve on local government and educational committees while coming together through Community Partners.

Major Activities

Among Community Partners' major activities over the years has been the development of recreational activities at Vanderbilt Park. Working with other community groups like the Rotarians, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts, the group developed sports fields and a nature trail. The group contributes manpower to the ongoing maintenance of the park and provides labor for plantings and cleanup at Veteran's Park at the intersection of Routes 81 and 32.

In each of the last six years, Community Partners has also organized Greenville Day, a community celebration event to bring together the citizens of Greenville and highlight local business. Last year's event raised $4,000 to help support Greenville public projects.

Community Partners also provides financial support for community needs such as a $1,000 emergency donation to the local food pantry during the 2011 holiday season, and $1,000 towards a"Green" initiative by the Girl Scout's to build a composting toilet in Vanderbilt Park. Such donations are focused on benefiting the public.

Freehold and Greenville Beautification Committees

Since 2002, Community Partners has been the umbrella organization for the Freehold Beautification Project which received funds from New York State under the project management of local Freehold businessman Wayne Nelsen. In 2009, Community Partners also took on fund management for the Greenville Beautification Project, under the auspices of the Greenville Beautification Committee. Both the Committee and Community Partners are committed to projects to enhance the quality of life and the attractiveness of the area to residents and businesses consistent with the recently developed Greenville Comprehensive Plan.

For more information on the Greenville Beautification Committee, please click here to visit the GBC website.